Casino AppsThere are a lot of different casino and roulette specific apps for all different kinds of phones. This is a great thing. It means they you can hop from one casino to another and back without ever leaving your cell phone or other devices. That is the great thing about these roulette apps is that the casino apps have great roulette and allow you to play other games if you ever wanted to do so as well as roulette. It gives you the chance at variety in the game of roulette and other games. You can have a great day at the casino while lounging around at home.

In this article we explore the best mobile apps to use when playing for real money.

Which are the best casino apps?

Not everyone can agree when it comes to this subject. Everyone likes different things and has different opinions so when the best casino apps are listed not everyone will agree with that list, however they are some seriously great choices for you to pick from. So here are a few that have been highly rated for their roulette capabilities.

Vegas Paradise App

Vegas ParadiseThis app was rated by one site as the absolute best app for roulette around. This one is said to have the best roulette that you will find anywhere. On top of that they have games and casino experiences that a lot of others don’t have. This includes bingo and a full sports book. This means that after you get your favorite game of roulette in for a while you can bet on games and horses along with playing bingo or slots and all of the other traditional casino games. It is clear why this one was rated the best.

Not only do they have what everyone else has but they have it better and with extras. Plus they have up to 1000 dollar or Euro deposit bonus , and 75 Slot Spins to go along with it all.  Bonus Only New Players t&c apply to bonuses 18+. How great is it to get some extra money just for signing up and making a deposit to play your favorite games! Coming here to play should definitely be one of the great experiences of your life when it comes to mobile casino gaming.

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Guts Casino App

Guts CasinoThis app too has great and highly rated roulette just the way you like it. They also seem to work well will any and all devices of any kind, which not all do well. This app has everything. Along with a full on casino like experience they too have a sports book for you to bet at any time you like. Their sign up bonus is 300 dollars or Euros. They have a 9.5 out of 10 rating as well. That is almost a perfect score which is hard to get with the hundreds of other casino apps out there these days. You can play some of the best roulette games around and many others when you want a change of pace. This is definitely an app you must try out!

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Jackpot Paradise Casino App

Jackpot ParadiseThis app also got a 9.5 out of 10 rating putting it side by side with Guts Casino App. While of course, well known for their roulette, they are also well known in the business and therefore very trusted by many. This App is one that you know will be safe with your money and completely secure. Signing up is, of course, free, and playing is an absolute blast. The reviews do not say anything about it having any special extras however for it to rate this high it must be something pretty special in and of itself.

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Now all you have to do is pick the app that feels best for You and You’ll be able to start playing games right away!