Are Casino Apps Safe?

Casino AppsWhen you combine gambling and online gaming together and temper that with security and a funds transfer system you basically get a casino app. By and large, it could be said that mobile gambling has really taken off in recent years, developing and supporting its own boom through the increasing sale of mobile devices paired with people’s tendency to gamble (often the goal being to “get rich quickly”). Obviously this isn’t going to pan out for everyone, for if it did (statistically speaking) how would all of the multitude of casinos out there stay in business, eh? However, house odds aside, many feel that there could be an even bigger threat tipping fate out of their favor, that being the apps themselves, which occasionally may contain some nefarious bits of malware. Naturally, this has sparked some controversy amongst gamblers, some of which feel that there are serious problems and others who tend to deal with app issues on an individual basis. Read on to uncover the truth…

One bad apple spoils the whole bunch

First and foremost we must realize that it would be insane to assume that all casino apps are harboring some dangerous element which is trying to steal your personal data. At the same time, you’d have to be naïve to look past the fact that many available pieces of software out there are often riddled with harmful bits which embed themselves deeply within your computer’s OS. Instead of simply abandoning your casino app hunt out of fear it is recommended that you strike a balance by checking out trusted reviews and performing your own virus checks before actually installing (if possible).

It’s impossible for a disreputable online casino to consistently thwart millions, thousands or even hundreds of users’ from discovering what’s lurking beneath the hood of an app, to tell you the truth. In fact, there are lots of people out there who make it their business to sort through pieces of software in search of trouble makers. Now, when you combine that with the fact that casino apps are often attached to funded accounts of various types you should immediately realize that overt scams and data theft rackets are often quickly identified. In essence, the emergence of one “bad apple” often taints how everyone later comes to see a particular .

We recommend checking out a blog like this: on a regular basis. It will allow you to keep yourself updated about mobile specific gaming, with security being a focus. As always, remember to check your sources, do your homework and avoid simply immediately clicking to download an online casino’s mobile app until you’ve had a chance to check out what they’re all about. You can find additional useful information here:, which further explains how pirates often “repackage” popular apps on non-licensed sources, trying to trick users into downloading them thinking that this was a release link created by the actual developer (when the exact opposite is true).

Two good sources

Arguably, the best way to find actual useful and “clean” casino apps is to pay a visit to the Google Play Store (if you’re an Android user) or the itunes store (if you’re an Apple user).   There you can glean all sorts of information directly from reviews as well as discover popular offerings that have been downloaded perhaps millions of times already. Again, if there were major problems associated with them you’d likely find it out there on the same page via various other users’ comments. Moreover, it’s comforting to be able to visit a page that features apps which were obviously directly uploaded by the developers instead of through some third party.