Casino Apps for iPad

Casino AppsAny Apple iPad is a true product of form, function and tending toward ever-improving design aesthetics. The fact is that the emergence of tablet computers really struck a chord with a certain user base out there while also offering software developers access to an entirely new market as well. Apps for the iPad, for example, seem to lie in a unique grey area that mixes together features found for smartphones with those generally included on more powerful machines. The result is something truly special, which again, is what tends to draw people to devices like the iPad in the first place. In service of this, we’ve put together a list of great casino apps for all the gamblers out there who are currently in search of some decent offerings; here they are presented for your viewing pleasure…

Big Fish Casino

When it comes to fully-featured casino apps for iOS devices, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that’s better than Big Fish Casino. Again, nearly every type of game you’d want to play is found here, including: “Free Slots, Vegas Slots & Slot Tournaments! Plus Poker, Cards, 21 and more…” Aside from all the various slots-themed offerings and traditional casino fare, you’ll also find more “exotic” stuff as well. Add to that all sorts of specific in-app purchase options for a truly awesome gambling experience that’s flexible enough to cover pretty much every situation. For all intents and purposes, this is THE app that that most iPad users who are looking to actually gamble will probably want to download.

29-in-1 Casino and Sportsbook

The main draw of 29-in-1 Casino and Sportsbook is that it looks and behaves like any other decent casino app would only you never run out of chips. All in all, this is the gaming center for the person who wants access to all the standard Vegas-themed game without having to fork over incredible sums to actually play them. They have a ton of poker, slots and blackjack offerings, and this comes in addition to the sportsbook component which is a pretty inspired addition, all things considered. Throughout it all you’ll be treated to authentic sounds as well, which adds quite a bit to one’s gambling experience.

DoubleDown Casino

Incorporating free-to-play functionality with an ever-expanding list of great casino games, DoubleDown Casino is probably the app you’ve been searching for. Standard activities include the expected slots, blackjack and video poker, but you’ll also find lots of other reasons to keep on coming back for more, like daily tournaments. Likewise, if you’re the type of player who craves access to the more visible or notable games you’ll be happy to note that titles such as “Wolf Run”, “DaVinci Diamonds” and “Cleopatra” are among the many games included. Moreover, you can also invite friends to play as well, which is incredibly handy for those who prefer a more social atmosphere while gambling.

Slot Machine: Free Slots & Casino

As its name clearly indicates, the “Slot Machine: Free Slots & Casino” app is centrally focused on slots, primarily. In this area it certainly delivers the goods too, with brilliant games featuring crisp and colorful displays that you can interact with. There are tons of options available too, which the astute gambler will most certainly take advantage of, like the 200 chip max bet or 5 paylines. Also include daily jackpots, daily multipliers and the loyalty program, each of which adds lots of value to the app itself. There are also lots of specific skins which you can use as well, like those with various holiday graphics, for example.